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Phonics Box Set (go, Diego, Go! )

Phonics Box Set

For anyone who is shopping for a book I've assembled some good information. Phonics Box Set by Quinlan B. Lee is an excellent children's book! Written by Quinlan B. Lee and it is published by Scholastic Inc. It went on sale sometime in 2007.

Scholastic Inc.

Author: Quinlan B. Lee

Learn to read with Diego and his friends as they rescue animals in this phonics box set!"These books will readily appeal to Diego's audience of beginning readers as they capture all inside the familiar elements from Diego's hit TV show, including his fantastic exotic animal rescues. Each book helps construct a young reader's confidence with repeated examples in the letter sounds being focused on, as properly as"words to find out"and"words to sound out. Based on the best research on how youngsters create reading skills, these twelve books introduce a carefully selected progression of letter sounds, beginning with each and every single of the easiest and most typical.


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